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Freedom Issue #1035: [your-system-sanity]: Non-Free Software From Third-party Package Managers (TPPM)

Docker configured to use a nonfree repository

GNUtoo - 11 months ago - . Updated 11 months ago.

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If I run the following command

docker run -it --rm archlinux bash -c "echo hello world" 

It will contact the I've confirmed that with Wireshark.

The documentation also mentions that in several places. In the docker package source we have:
In cli/man/src/image/

If you do not specify a `REGISTRY_HOST`, the command uses Docker's public
registry located at `` by default.

In src/cli/docs/reference/commandline/

[...] If a hostname is present, it may optionally be
followed by a port number in the format `:8080`. If not present, the command
uses Docker's public registry located at `` by default.

There were various attempt to upstream support to add a configuration to change the default repository. For instance the Bug #7203 .

This was not done due to several concerns. Some of the concern are described in documentation about podman. Basically it would break many dockerfiles, and this way the default repository is also tried first, so there are security concerns as well.

So if we want to fix docker (or reintroduce a fixed version after having removed it) we could:
(1) Remove the default repository in the source code.
(2) Optionally fix the documentation too
(3) Inform users that Parabola is not responsibles for dockerfiles found on the Internet and inform that full path is needed for these dockerfiles to work. So with small modifications docker files will still work but Parabola won't be responsible for reviewing the ones that are FSDG compliant and the ones that aren't.
(4) Inform that there is some research on Libreplanet, in the Group:Software/research/ExternalRepositories about finding fully free repositories, or at least FSDG compliant repositories
(5) We could also inform users about ways to generate FSDG compliant docker images like in the Group:Software/research/DistroExecutionEnvironments article.

There might also be some docker images that are FSDG compliant in the default repository (like some images that don't use distributions like the busybox image) but that might be more complicated to review: if a repository is created with them it would probably need some work and maintenance. At worst we might be able to somehow create some wiki pages for the reviews though in case people want to review them.

edit1: Move the latest sentense in the list of things to do.


Updated by GNUtoo 11 months ago

I've started looking into it, and I started working on a function to fix the issue:

prepare() {
  # Remove the default repository (contains nonfree software)
  sed 's/registry-1\.docker\.io//g' -i \
    cli/vendor/ \
    moby/registry/config.go \

  sed 's/"registry-1\.docker\.io"/ns/g' -i \
    moby/vendor/ \

  # Seems to only use the repository
  rm -f moby/contrib/

  # TODO: remove special cases
  # moby/vendor/

  # TODO: Find an FSDG compliant repository and Use another example:
  # moby/vendor/
  # moby/vendor/

  # TODO: Documentation
  # cli/docs/reference/commandline/
  # cli/man/src/image/
  # cli/man/src/image/

However even without modification the PKGBUILD doesn't build:

---> Making bundle: dynbinary (in bundles/dynbinary)
Building: bundles/dynbinary-daemon/dockerd-20.10.22
daemon/graphdriver/btrfs/btrfs.go:437:11: args.lim.max_referenced undefined (type _Ctype_struct_btrfs_qgroup_limit has no field or method max_referenced)
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().

So I've no idea what to do here.

Also if at some point it works again or that someone knows how to fix that compilation issue, I wonder if it's better to have a patch or use sed. A patch might require more maintenance but it's also easier to share with other FSDG compliant distributions. Guix might require a patch for that for instance.

edit1: Also ask about sed vs patch


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Then the bug is confirmed.

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