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[intel-oneapi-tbb][intel-oneapi-basekit]: possibly non-free

bill-auger - about 1 year ago - . Updated 11 months ago.

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Updated by bill-auger about 1 year ago

looking into this a bit, this is an enormous suite of software - the parts i saw appear to be re-packed debian binaries - 'intel-oneapi-basekit' appears to be the entire suite (16.3 GB) jammed into one package - regardless of the license, i would suggest to blacklist that one anyways, due to it's obesity, and apparent redundancy (and perhaps not build from source)

it is denoted only with 'custom' license (how many or their terms is not obvious) - 16.3 GB installed, and does not install any license files, at least not to the standard location /usr/share/licenses/ - that is a matter of arch policy is it not? - i opened a BR upstream; but i suspect that we wont be keeping this one

the 'intel-oneapi-tbb' package does install two license file though:

'intel-oneapi-basekit' 'provides' and 'conflicts' (reverse) with many other packages (presumably the individual parts of the suite) - probably all of those should be scrutinized also - one of them ('intel-oneapi-mkl') is already blacklisted as non-free (#2707)

  • intel-oneapi-ccl
  • intel-oneapi-compiler-dpcpp-cpp-runtime
  • intel-oneapi-compiler-dpcpp-cpp-runtime-libs
  • intel-oneapi-compiler-shared
  • intel-oneapi-compiler-shared-opencl-cpu
  • intel-oneapi-compiler-shared-runtime
  • intel-oneapi-compiler-shared-runtime-libs
  • intel-oneapi-dal
  • intel-oneapi-dev-utilities
  • intel-oneapi-dnnl
  • intel-oneapi-dpcpp-cpp
  • intel-oneapi-dpcpp-cpp-compiler
  • intel-oneapi-dpcpp-debugger
  • intel-oneapi-dpl
  • intel-oneapi-fpga-group
  • intel-oneapi-ipp
  • intel-oneapi-ippcp
  • intel-oneapi-mkl
  • intel-oneapi-openmp
  • intel-oneapi-tbb
  • intel-oneapi-vpl
  • intel-oneapi-vtune

in fact, if 'intel-oneapi-basekit' is only duplicating binaries in other packages, it could be blacklisted on that basis - IIRC, that is another arch policy: not to duplicate other packages - and if they are all debian binaries, they could all be blacklisted for not being built from source - over-all, liberating these could be a project


Updated by bill-auger about 1 year ago

  • Related to Freedom Issue #2707: [intel-mkl] has nonfree Intel Simplified Software License added

Updated by bill-auger 11 months ago

  • Status changed from info needed to confirmed

WRT 'intel-oneapi-basekit', the arch packager closed the BR claiming to have installed all of the license properly - i have not checked - i am still leaning toward blacklisting the package on the basis of its obesity and merely duplicating other packages' binaries


Updated by bill-auger 11 months ago

  • Status changed from confirmed to info needed

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