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[sacad][python-bitarray]: adopt packages

Drag0nFly - 2 months ago - . Updated 2 months ago.

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The above package is referenced in PKGBUILDs, but is for some reason not available in the standard Arch repos which Parabola inherits.

Please consider packaging this, especially considering the ongoing pip situation.



Updated by bill-auger 2 months ago

which PKGBUILDs? - i have a script to check for this - it did not find any

if no PKGBUILD published by parabola requires the package, then it is not
missing - this would be a 'packaging-request' rather than a 'bug'


Updated by bill-auger 2 months ago

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Updated by Drag0nFly 2 months ago

I did submit this specifically as a packaging request. The PKGBUILD referencing python-bitarray was initially fetched via asp. Obviously someone decided to remove this at some point.

Why there is no python-bitarray now in asp I have no idea of. Nevertheless, including the PKGBUILD for sacad below.

# Maintainer: desbma
# shellcheck disable=SC2034,SC2148,SC2154,SC2164
pkgdesc='Smart Automatic Cover Art Downloader'
optdepends=('jpegoptim: for automatic lossless JPEG crunching'
            'optipng: for automatic lossless PNG crunching'
            'oxipng: for automatic lossless PNG crunching')

package() {
    cd "${pkgname}-${pkgver}" 
    PIP_CONFIG_FILE=/dev/null pip install --isolated --root="${pkgdir}" --ignore-installed --no-deps web_cache
    python install --root="${pkgdir}" 

Updated by bill-auger 2 months ago

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  • Subject changed from python-bitarray is missing from repos to [sacad][python-bitarray]: adopt packages

ok sry i only read the subject - my only point was that it is not "missing" unless it is supposed to be present - i dont believe that 'sacad' or 'python-bitarray' were ever arch packages - we have package archives going back 5 years, and the ABS SVN history since forever; and neither are present in the history

what is most evident in that PKGBUILD, is that its most severe problem is not the missing 'python-bitarray' dependency, but the fact that is uses pip in the package() function to install something else (web_cache), which is not a declared dependency - so if your goal is to install 'sacad' without using pip, that PKGBUILD would not help, so adding 'python-bitarray' to parabola would not help either

ie: if you plan to use that PKGBUILD, then you would need to have pip anyways to install 'web_cache'; so you may as well install 'python-bitarray' using `sudo pip` too - i would not recommend that; but that is effectively what that PKGBUILD does, and it seems to be what you are suggesting is your plan, because you did not request 'sacad' but only 'python-bitarray'

so to do this the right way, would require sacad, python-bitarray, and web_cache to be packaged - all of the other dependencies are available; so it seems do-able - see if you can find PKGBUILDs for the other two?


Updated by Drag0nFly 2 months ago

The PKGBUILD for sacad came from here:

I agree it is weird to do the web_cache install via pip, but I would assume it also came as a result of it not being packaged.

I did build sacad on one of my systems and had it install and run properly on a second, without pip installed (since it bundles the web_cache Python module within sacad itself)

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