Bug #3514

[nonsystemd/libretools]: fails to create chroot - pacstrap: invalid option -- 'd'

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  • steps to reproduce:
    1) # pacman -Sy libretools your-initfreedom
    2) $ sudo librechroot -A x86_64 make # before running this make sure that chroot directory if empty (it's /var/lib/archbuild/default/ by default)
  • expected result:
    librechroot will be generated in /var/lib/archbuild/default/
  • actual result:
      ==> ERROR: pacstrap: invalid option -- 'd'

I've tried to compile libretools from abslibre/nonsystemd [1] but it failed with:

ronn --roff --manual='libretools Manual' --organization='Parabola' < 'src/lib/' > 'src/lib/'
EDIT < src/lib/ > src/lib/
`RubyGems' were not loaded.

The fix is to apply (at least) these patches from abslibre/libre/libretools [2]:
  • no-pacstrap-d.patch
  • disable-ronn.patch

I also have the following question:
What is preferred way of suggesting package fixes/updates/patches?
It seems like a lot of updpkg are ignored in pagure [3] without explanation why they weren't been merged.



libretools.patch (5.95 KB) libretools.patch Patch for nonsystemd/libretools SolveFinder, 2023-08-04 04:09 PM



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the reason this has not been fixed is because of the ruby-ronn dependency - IIRC without that, the documentation does not get built - i suggest simply fixing that pacstrap command in your local copy for now

those PRs on pagure are not ignored or rejected - if they were rejected, the PR would be closed - they simply have not been seen by the package maintainer yet - i would rather not touch those unless something is broken

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