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[libremakepkg] should have a flag to enable networking during check()

lukeshu - 3 months ago - . Updated 3 months ago.

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For instance, pcr/python-py3dns doesn't have a check() because py3dns's tests require networking. That's dumb on the authors' parts--it means their test suite is fragile. But nonetheless, it would be good if libremakepkg could run those tests.

It should isolate the filesystem when doing this; if any FS changes are made in check(), they should be hidden from package(); for hermetic-build reasons.



Updated by bill-auger 3 months ago

i have considered this, because many programs will fail check() without active networking; but without further hacking, it would open the same security hole which is the reason that networking is disabled during the other stages - namely, because check() runs before package(), it could taint the build - i would put an asterisk beside "should" in the ticket title; because it assumes that tests are always benign - tests normally do expect to have write access to the build tree; so i would propose hacking makepkg to somehow prevent check() from writing to src/ or pkg/ - eg one or a combination of:

  • copy the entire build to a new sibling directory of the src/ (eg: check/), exclusively for running check()
  • run check() after package(), then delete the packages if check() fails
  • run check() as a user other than 'builduser' (eg: 'checkuser')

maybe you can think of others ways to apply paranoia - im not usually a huge fan of paranoia; but this is one place it is appropriate - FWIW, i took the liberty "unilaterally" to modify the main project description on the website to add that promise, and AFAICT, have successfully removed the need for `libremakepkg -N` from all PKGBUILDs - as you probably noticed, in a few cases, that was accomplished by disabling the tests

All Parabola packages are built from source, in clean chroots, and with networking disabled,

o/c that does not account for arch packages; but i think that is the ideal we should aim for


Updated by lukeshu 3 months ago

Cheaper than creating a full copy would be to use a tmpfs-backed overlayfs. I think systemd-nspawn already has a flag to do that.


Updated by bill-auger 3 months ago

lukeshu wrote:

I think systemd-nspawn already has a flag to do that.

except that the nonsystemd build of libretools does not use systemd-nspawn - i found that megver's changes for nonsystemd work as well on systemd hosts; so recently i have merged that into the libre build - i planned that the next libretools would not use systemd-nspawn at all

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