ARMv7 recommended board

infinite_recursion - over 1 year ago -

I use RPI3 currently with FreeBSD to host a server. I would like to shift to Parabola in future. However, when I see the recommended boards (embedded platforms) at GNU page, it seems none are good enough. Which board would you recommend to run parabola? How to choose SOCs for libre OS installation?

I need something which is close to RPI3 in terms of price, energy consumption and computing power.

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ARMv7 recommended board - bill-auger - over 1 year ago -

off-hand, i think the most powerful libre-friendly (and OSHW) SBC
now, is the olimex lime2 - that is the board chosen for the
first freedombox

the debian freedombox wiki maintains the most complete list that
i know of - the ones
in the top section have a reasonable chance of running parabola
OOTB - the ones in the bottom section require blobs to boot -
that does not mean that parabola will not run on them (if you
provide the blobs); but they can not be supported by the
parabola team

RE: ARMv7 recommended board - bill-auger - 9 months ago -

there is an initiative now, to decide on a small set of highly-desirable ARM boards, which can be given high-priority support - those will be listed on a new wiki article: