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jgreen01 - 27 days ago -

I'm trying to find a wireless card that I can use with Parabola. I checked h-node and found one with a free driver, but when I plugged it in dmesg told me it used non-free firmware and loading was disabled.

From the wireless docs, I found that there's two completed liberated drivers carl9170 and ath9k_htc. But I can't find any cards that use these drivers for sale.

Even searching the supported devices list is hard because the name on the list doesn't match the name used on Amazon.

Does anyone know of a solid wireless card? It can be USB or PCI, I just need something to connect to WiFi.

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RE: Wireless Cards - takuwan - 26 days ago -

You can find wireless adapters and cards that fully work with libre software from the Respect Your Freedom page of the Free Software Foundation. Based on your needs, you have both USB and PCI ones.

I personally use the Technoethical N300DB, which is based on the Atheros AR9382 integrated circuit and works with the free driver ath9k. I haven’t encountered any issue with Parabola so far.

RE: Wireless Cards - jgreen01 - 25 days ago -

Thanks takuwan. This is much easier that using the list of supported devices and searching one by one. I'll use this site when I need to buy hardware in the future.

Maybe this could be added as a suggestion in the Parabola docs?

RE: Wireless Cards - takuwan - 21 days ago -

You’re welcome.

Yes, it could be added to the Wiki, somewhere. I’ll have a look.