KDE Plasma DE building guide

infinite_recursion - 16 days ago -

I want to build plasma for parabola if it is within my capabilities. The current maintainer always keeps breaking plasma and it's unstable nature renders it unusable for users.

My question is, what are the steps to build desktop environment for parabola? Specifically plasma.
Is there some code for plasma which needs to be compiled after configuration? Where is it? Where is the documentation?

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KDE Plasma DE building guide - bill-auger - 12 days ago -

all parabola software is built from PKGBUILDs in the abslibre
git repo - an entire desktop is comprised of many individual
packages, so you would need to build them all - in the case of
plasma, it could be over 100, with all of the k- and q- things
it uses

there are no guides for build specific programs - the process
is the same for every package

  1. pacman -Syu base base-devel --needed
    $ makepkg -csri

more detail on the wiki:

in this case, most of KDE and QT are arch packages - they are
not in the abslibre repo, but in the arch abs repos; and
rebuilding them would not have solved your problem - it was the
'kio' package which was preventing some k- programs from
starting, needed rebuilding

RE: KDE Plasma DE building guide - infinite_recursion - 11 days ago -

I'll try to build kio as it has broken parabola plasma twice. If I manage to do that, I may get to other kde packages. Where can I get the list of all plasma components and their dependencies? The k- and q- list?

RE: KDE Plasma DE building guide - bill-auger - 11 days ago -

i think that kio is the only core KDE package that parabola needs to package, other than qt5-base maybe - there is no "the list" other than abslibre - all parabola PKGBUILDs are in the abslibre git repo - all PKGBUILDs specify their dependencies - those are the same as you would also find on the packages website for each package under "Dependencies" for example:

but again those dependencies are all arch packages; so you do not need to build those for parabola