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[wiki,labs] JavaScript not labeled as free

kete - over 9 years ago - . Updated about 8 years ago.

freedom issue
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Nontrivial JavaScript should have a free license, so we can know what our browsers are doing. With libre licenses, we can study the JavaScript source code. The wiki and this lab could use a simple license declaration in the header as described at
If the web dev already has a dynamic header that's created from one file, then they could simply add this declaration to that file to cover both sites in whole.




Updated by mtjm over 9 years ago

Report a separate issue for each Web application hosted on our servers? We should get appropriate changes integrated upstream for each.


Updated by kete over 9 years ago

Ok, I reported this issue to both ChiliProject and MediaWiki. I didn't make a patch because the suggested solution has two options, and the short option requires a URL that would be up to these upstream sources. Thanks for clarifying the subject


Updated by lukeshu almost 9 years ago

This was fixed in parabolaweb quite some time ago. That said, LibreJS 4.9.2 still complains, but I've always been of the opinion that LibreJS is pretty unreasonable. I mean the license info is clearly documented, if LibreJS wants fancy machine-readable tags, too bad, that's unrealistic for the web. Example:

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