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[wiki,labs] JavaScript not labeled as free

kete - over 10 years ago - . Updated about 9 years ago.

freedom issue
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Nontrivial JavaScript should have a free license, so we can know what our browsers are doing. With libre licenses, we can study the JavaScript source code. The wiki and this lab could use a simple license declaration in the header as described at
If the web dev already has a dynamic header that's created from one file, then they could simply add this declaration to that file to cover both sites in whole.




Updated by mtjm over 10 years ago

Report a separate issue for each Web application hosted on our servers? We should get appropriate changes integrated upstream for each.


Updated by kete over 10 years ago

Ok, I reported this issue to both ChiliProject and MediaWiki. I didn't make a patch because the suggested solution has two options, and the short option requires a URL that would be up to these upstream sources. Thanks for clarifying the subject


Updated by lukeshu over 9 years ago

This was fixed in parabolaweb quite some time ago. That said, LibreJS 4.9.2 still complains, but I've always been of the opinion that LibreJS is pretty unreasonable. I mean the license info is clearly documented, if LibreJS wants fancy machine-readable tags, too bad, that's unrealistic for the web. Example:

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