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[armv7] do not set user/root password in future tarball releases

GNUtoo - almost 6 years ago - . Updated over 4 years ago.

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The"lastest" (at the time of writing) tarball release has a password set.

After booting the user can't log in.

Having no passwords in the next tarball release (and optionally adding the password to the"ARM installation guide" for this release would fix it.



Updated by bill-auger almost 6 years ago

just for a sanity check - what this sounds like you are suggesting is that password-less root login should be the default configuration for a fully-installed system - as i said on the mailing list, i think you are the assuming the tarball image is the equivalent of a "live" installation environment and would normally be used that way - password-less root login may be sensible for a read-only "live" environment running in-memory; when it is most likely only being used to bootstrap install a real system - but this is not like that - this is the actual target system

i would view this more like spinning up a VM by cloning a pre-configured image - those will almost certainly be fully and securely configured out of the box, including strong passwords - in fact, most LiveISOs also have the root password set - the arch-based ISOs are the only ones i can remember that do not have root password set - most do not login as root either but login to a graphical environment as an unprivileged 'liveuser' user


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