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[linux-libre] wakes from suspend immediately

oaken-source - over 5 years ago - . Updated over 5 years ago.

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With a recent kernel upgrade, my laptop always wakes from suspend immediately, after having closed and opened the lid at least once. The following illustrates it

1) boot laptop
2.1) send laptop to suspend in any way (except closing the lid)
2.2) laptop remains in suspend as expected
2.3) wake laptop from suspend in any way (except opening the lid)
2.4) repeat from 2.1) ad lib
3.1) close the lid (will suspend if not suspended)
3.2) open the lid (will resume cleanly)

but from now on it looks like this:

4.1) send laptop to suspend in any way (including closing the lid)
4.2) laptop goes to suspend and resumes after a second or two on its own, even with a closed lid.

expected behavior:
the laptop should remain in suspend until the lid is opened or the power button is pressed.

I have confirmed that a downgrade to 4.16.11-gnu-1 removes the issue, so it looks like some recent change has caused this.
There appears to be nothing relevant in the syslog. (no error messages or similar)


acpitool.log (2.42 KB) acpitool.log oaken-source, 2018-06-27 08:18 PM
lspci.log (28.2 KB) lspci.log oaken-source, 2018-06-27 08:18 PM



Updated by Megver83 over 5 years ago

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I tried to reproduce the bug but suspension works as expected in my laptop, will try later with another one that I've.

So, meanwhile, I'll mark this issue as "info needed", until I or someone else can reproduce the bug.

Could you post more info about your PC, please?


Updated by oaken-source over 5 years ago

sure. unfortunately, it's been made by a small manufacturer, and details about it seem to be no loger available, but I've attached the output of `lspci -vv` and `acpitool -e`. Let me know if you need anything else.

I'll also periodically try the new kernel builds and see if the problem magically goes away. :)


Updated by freemor over 5 years ago

Was Doing some digging on this because to me it seems it'd be more of a systemd/acpid issue..

Seems it is a know issue in Arch with some mobo's that have buggy USB/Bios implementations. (this sounds very familiar to me faught with buggy usb/sleep issues years ago).

There are some suggested fixes and work arounds on the Arch Wiki at:


Updated by ani over 5 years ago

I have a smiliar issue, however in my case it is "sometimes it does what is expected, other times it does not".

My computer is a Thinkpenguin Galapagos.


Updated by ani over 5 years ago

I never close the lid in order to suspend by the way, I use the sleep button.

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