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Add back neverball (and check the octocat freedom status)?

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neverball packages includes octocat, which is not allowed by GitHub IIRC. Also, it is freedom issue.

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They do indeed seem to have permission to use to logo. See attached

If this is a freedom issue. Then it is trivial to fix.
I already have a functioning neverball with the octocat ball removed.
I just want to be sure it's actually a freedom issue before creating yet another package to maintain.


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A way to know if it's a freedom issue is to check the copyright status of the logo. If it's under a free license it should be OK.

The file only talk about trademarks.


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Arch Linux has removed neverball (I don't know why though):

So we don't have to care about this bug anymore since we don't ship neverball anymore.

Though neverball can probably be re-added in the PCR repository. In that case someone would have to check the octocat license.

I've moved that as packging request not to loose the information about the octocat license in case someone wants to add back neverball.

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