Bug #2094

[icecat] update available

anon7mous - 6 months ago - . Updated 4 months ago.

% Done:



Please update to v. 60.3.0

Thank you guys for your great job! :)



Updated by freemor 6 months ago

Been looking into this. The Libre patches need a complete redo, aboutHome has completely changed, etc. There also may be some deadwood in the libre/icecat build that is no longer needed


Updated by anon7mous 6 months ago

freemor wrote:

Been looking into this...

Would it be possible for you to pass on this bug to maintainer Orphan, or are you taking care of it yourself?


Updated by freemor 6 months ago

There is no maintainer "Orphan"

As you can see this bug is left unassigned. That's as close to orphaned as it gets on the bug tracker I think.

"Looking into it.." means just that.
When I have spare time, when my machine isn't bogged down rebuilding other packages, I depending on various factors may be able to spend some time futzing with all the various changes that are required to build a libre Icecat.

This does not mean that I wish to be the package maintainer at this point. Others with more skill and Futzing with Mozilla builds would probably be better suited and get the job done faster. (They'd have a much better sense of what is where and now all the spinning plates fit together.)

I will work on it, As able/When Able.
If I get a PKGBUILD that looks mostly clean (libre wise) before any of the other maintainers I'll push it to Libre-Testing so people who wish to can try and most likely point out all the libre issues I missed.

I will put the repair/rebuild of other packages ahead of this. As I seem to be the maintainer most able to pull off a quick patch/rebuild/push at this time and as that is more suited to my skill set.

I appreciate you wanting the new hotness. I'd love to be able to snap my fingers and make it happen. But I'm not willing to rush through something I don't clearly understand just to get a half baked v60+ in the repo that everyone promptly hates and wants the old one back.


Updated by anon7mous 5 months ago

I agree that the new quantum makes it all more work. However, I find it irresponsible to stick to an old unpatched version which is littered with security holes, with the argument that one does not want to get used to the new and the old one back. ArchLinux is through its rollingrelease for getting the most up to date packages.
Even F-droid has already updated the mobile version to 60.0.3 and that is certainly a higher effort.
Does Parabola have so few maintainers?


Updated by freemor 5 months ago

Active maintainers is currently floating some where around 8
Active maintainers with loads of free time to dig into a big issue like that is probably less then half that.

And I'm guessing all of Us are doing this in our spare time.


Updated by freemor 5 months ago

If you have the time to libre-fy icecat. please feel free to submit he patches here or on the dev mailinglist


Updated by oaken-source 5 months ago

icecat-60 is now in libre-testing.


Updated by anon7mous 5 months ago

Nice Job! <3 :)

But for libre you need to update icecat-l10n-xx also. It might be possible, that it changes to icecat-i18n-xx like in firefox.


Updated by anon7mous 4 months ago

When does the update goes to libre? I've got no problems during weeks of tests.


Updated by infertux 4 months ago

I've been using the package from libre-testing for a few weeks and it seems stable, no problems either.


Updated by bill-auger 4 months ago

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andreas -

i just noticed the update - can this ticket be closed?


Updated by oaken-source 4 months ago

I think so, yeah.
Unfortunately, I was only able to build for x86_64 again, the i686 build crashes.


Updated by oaken-source 4 months ago

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