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[iceweasel]: upgrade to v72.0.1

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Zero-day report (CVE-2019-17026) for Firefox 72 and below

On Thursday, January 9th, Mozilla reported a bug that has been classified as CVE-2019-17026, which has been applied into the release and ESR branches of Firefox. The versions of Firefox that has been applied this zero-day patches are:

#Release branch:

#ESR branch:

The bug details a failure of SpiderMonkey that makes it vulnerable to attacks.

Anyway, please update Iceweasel ASAP (if could be possible, also in 32-bit and ARMv7 builds, too).




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forgot to update this ticket - x86_64 and i686 were successful but ARM is still FTB

it keeps freezing around 400 minutes into the build - the third time i tried it, i let it run for 5 days, but the build never ended, and it never moved past that point - i watched htop for quite a while and the processes appeared to be busy - thats why i let it run - but whatever it was doing was obviously never going to complete

this is the build log - i dont see anything interesting in it though - the only thing i did differently than the archarm PKGBUILD (which i can remember 7 days later) was that they had -j1 set explicitly - the note was related to their build farm though, so i removed that

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