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OpenRC CLI ISO freezes on boot with AMD ryzen

NewUser69 - about 4 years ago - . Updated about 4 years ago.

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I have been trying to install this on a pc I recently built. I put in the installation media for the openrc command line version and it constantly froze on boot. I kept rebooting and it never worked. I then inserted an external hard drive that has linux mint installed and it started no problem. I checked to see if it was a problem with the installation media and inserted it into my intel laptop and the installation media started fine. This appears to be a problem that only happens with amd cpus. Specific cpu is the ryzen 3700x. Just freezes during the init process after I select to boot the image in the selection menu at the start of parabola. I hope this is clear. The image below shows the problem but it freezes at different stages during this process.




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that is probably not a problem with the ISO media - it is more likely a kernel issue - i would suggest installing parabola on the external disk, using the computer that can boot the ISO - then see if the ryzen computer can boot parabola from the external disk


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Your processor, is this one?

You said you tried Linux Mint and it worked. However, it would help more to try something more Parabola-like.
For instance, did you tried some if these ISOs?:

  • Parabola LXDE with OpenRC
  • Parabola with systemd
  • PureOS/Trisquel/Hyperbola or another free distro
  • Artix
  • Arch Linux

Try them in that same order. If one of them works, then you don't need to test the rest.


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I've investigated a bit, and found this:

This is not the result of a deep investigation, just collected some possibly useful info, but looks like it may need non-free firmware. Anyways, try other Parabola ISOs, if not, you could try Trisquel, PureOS or Hyperbola to see if your CPU works with a free distro.


Updated by NewUser69 about 4 years ago

Tried parabola openrc with lxde. I will try systemd then one of the recommended distros. Won't be home for another 2 hours so I will send what happens when I get home.

Yes, that processor is mine.

*update: can't test until Sunday.


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I have just tested parabola on systemd and it boots just fine.

I don't know if it is a bug with this operating system or just one with openrc in general.


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You should then try an older OpenRC ISO (try one from last year)

If it happens the same, then try Artix to confirm if it's an OpenRC thing


Updated by NewUser69 about 4 years ago

Just tested an older iso from march of 2019. It froze also. I am now going to test artix linux.

Update: Artix was a success when starting. I believe this concludes the testing but I am available to test if you want me to test more.

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