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Document Coreboot (and distros thereof) capable systems ala T400 wiki page

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I have tried to kick-start documenting usage of Parabola on such systems as they offer more freedom to the user and most documentation is scattered and littered around different forums and places, some of which have long been defunct.
I've additionally acquired two more Lirebootable systems that I shall start documenting soon.
Yet when it comes to other such similar laptop systems, the only one I have access to is an Asus C201 chromebook, which I shall only document after support is added back into Libreboot (as there have been a lot of changes from 2016).
I hope people with such relevant systems can document them to make on-boarding users of such RYF-compliant systems much easier.



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Seeing as Libreboot is no longer FSDG-compliant, there is now a fork thereof:

I've added this here for later documentation.

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