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[ventoy] Adding to repository

anonymous - 5 months ago - . Updated 5 months ago.

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Ventoy is a utility for creating a multibootable USB flash drive. Images of different OS are copied on a flash drive, ventoy allows you to choose which OS will be loaded.

License: GNU GPL-3.0



Updated by anonymous 5 months ago

I tested PKGBUILD of AUR ( The program works.


Updated by gap 5 months ago

I found documentation of a proprietary file from literally twenty seconds of browsing the repo:
What else might be lurking in there?

Also, if all the nonfree systems it supports are presets, we will have to patch support out.

For the time being one can use dd to make bootable drives.


Updated by bill-auger 5 months ago

this program is currently being evaluated by the FSD also - it was one of the topics of the meeting today - i dont think that the non-commercial art files would prevent it from being accepted though - i sent them email about this ticket anyways, because well, if the author does not have a problem with non-commercial licenses, then "What else might be lurking in there?"

for parabola, its non-negotiable - parabola promises not to distribute any non-free files


Updated by bill-auger 5 months ago

anonymous (if thats your real name) - i can tell by the package name alone, that the PKGBUILD you used is not acceptable - the '-bin' in package name indicates that it is not built from source

if you look again on the AUR, there may be another package named without the -bin - that would be a better starting point - if there is not one, it makes me wonder if this program is libre at all; because arch people generally prefer building from source whenever possible - usually if there is only a -bin package, that is because it is not possible to build it from source - if that is the case, it can not be in parabola - the FSD should reject it too


Updated by anonymous 5 months ago

Ok, I understood. I'll know.

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