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[eclipse] Is it possible to package eclipse for Parabola?

wael - over 1 year ago - . Updated over 1 year ago.

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Eclipse is a popular free software IDE, is there a chance it be pacakged for Parabola?
Or would there be an issue with the fact that it includes the option to install plugins.



Updated by bill-auger over 1 year ago

off-hand, it is not likely - being a java program, it is likely
to be very difficult or impossible to build from source - most

eclipse has been one of the most popular IDEs for decades; so
it's absence from arch now is probably not an over-sight - my guess
is that it is either not so popular anymore, or that it was too much
trouble to package properly - if it were packaged in arch now, it
would likely be on this TODO list (#3388), waiting to be audited,
liberated, and or purged

o/c ppl feel free to look into it (try to collect all sources
and build from source) - that would be the most important factor
- only then would i bother to audit the licensing and other FSDG


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I checked it again and I realized unless we patch plugins out (makes it useless) or vet them all we can't really package it.
I'll concentrate my efforts on documenting currently available options instead.

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