Housekeeping #2546

Updated by bill-auger over 1 year ago

this is the current list of 'poppler' dependents for x86_64 systems - each time 'poppler is upgraded in arch, the 'icu-parabola' package should be upgraded I am unable to the same version as arch, then each update [icu] and [poppler] because of these packages should be rebuilt against the upgraded 'poppler' with the sodeps for 'poppler-parabola' conflicts. I have testing repositories enabled.

the list is of course subject to change - the attached files can be used to generate the current list [icu] conflicts with:
* icedove
* iceweasel
* texlive-bin
* more packages?

[poppler] conflicts with:
* cups-filters
* poppler-glib
* poppler-qt5
* texlive-bin
* more packages?