Nvidia GPU

anarcobuda - 7 months ago -

Excuse me for even mentioning this corporation, but I happen to have a NVIDIA GPU (although I have no idea if the drivers are installed) and I wanted to test it, to see how well the drivers do.
How do I switch from my integrated card to my dedicated one?

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Nvidia GPU - bill-auger - 7 months ago -

expansion cards are usually detected automatically - did you try
it? - if it is plugged in now check the output os `lspci -v` or
the 'h-client' program

RE: Nvidia GPU - anarcobuda - 7 months ago -

Oh, yes, they are detected!
I was just wondering how could I use a specific GPU for a specific purpose.

For instance, switch to Intel when watching films, or switch to NVIDIA GPU when playing games