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HTTPS Everywhere

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We already have No Script and uBlock Origin in Iceweasel. We are missing HTTPS Everywhere.


PKGBUILD (2 KB) PKGBUILD theova, 2019-06-03 09:27 AM

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HTTPS-Everywhere is licensed under the following licenses:

HTTPS Everywhere:
Copyright © 2010-2018 Electronic Frontier Foundation and others
Licensed GPL v2+
HTTPS Everywhere Rulesets (src/chrome/content/rules):
To the extent copyright applies to the rulesets, they can be used according to GPL v2 or later.
Issue Format Bot (utils/issue-format-bot/*):
Copyright © 2017 AJ Jordan, AGPLv3+
The build system incorporates code from Python 3.6
Copyright © 2001-2018 Python Software Foundation; All Rights Reserved

HTTPS-everywhere is included in GNU Icecat by defaut.
So licenses have been examined by FSF.

Build Dependencies


Hard Dependencies



Is attached.

As I understand, the PKGBUILD doensn't build the plugin from source. I'm not sure if this is a problem.

I was able to build the package for all 3 architectures.


I was able to run the plugin in iceweasel 67.0 (64-bit).

Maintenance load of this package

HTTPS is included in the official Arch repositories.
To make it appliable to Parabola, one has to change firefox to iceweasel .

The maintenance load is therefore rather low.

I am willing to further contribute to this packet with furder rebulding and patches.

I propose to add this package to [libre].


Updated by freemor almost 2 years ago

finally had a moment to look at this.. It builds and runs well.. I'm not sure if [libre] is the right home for it as no work was done to Liberate the package.
Thoughts re [libre] vs [pcr]

Hopefully I can get this into the Repos by Monday.


Updated by eschwartz almost 2 years ago

If firefox-extension-https-everywhere is being modded to become iceweasel-extension-https-everywhere then it might thematically make sense to have it in libre. The interesting question, though, is whether you should also repackage all the other archlinux-provided extensions (at least check to see if they meet your distribution guidelines).

noscript and ublock-origin are also in libre, vimperator (which was never in archlinux) is in pcr...


Updated by bill-auger almost 2 years ago

there are various opinions on what [libre] should be for - i think the consensus is that anything on the blacklist should have its replacement in [libre] - i had assumed that everything in the [libre] repo was one-to-correlated replacements of an analogous package from arch that have a blacklist entries; but that is not actually the case - others have told me to put anything into [libre] that is considered important or essential for the system or for maintenance, even if there is no analogous package in arch - that is, treating it essentially as the parabola equivalent of [core]

personally i dont like mixing concerns in that way - just as most of the openrc support was put into [nonsystemd], i would have suggested a new repo to clearly distinguish "stuff in arch that was replaced" from "important tools that are not in arch" - its not quite clear what must be in that latter group; but there are packages in [libre] that have no counter-part in arch

anyways, arch packages several other popular firefox add-ons that we are suppressing without replacements, probably all merely for having 'firefox' in the package name - one of the blacklisting reasons is 're-branding', so this package does belong in [libre]; and we should probably look into re-packaging the others below:



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I will have a look at those others


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  • Related to Packaging Request #2164: [iceweasel][iceweasel-addons] Provide /usr/lib/firefox symlink to drop iceweasel-specific extensions in favor of ones from Arch added

Updated by bill-auger almost 2 years ago

issues #2164 and #1873 also address this concern - we should probably just merge them into #2164 as an epic, or decide to implement the proposed symlink suggestion


Updated by freemor almost 2 years ago

I pushed out the current work on iceweasel-https-everywhere so it will be
available while we contemplate the deeper issues in these BRs

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