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[hexchat] Many settings are not saved

Added by ani 15 days ago. Updated 5 days ago.

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I run Parabola GNU/Linux-libre 64-bit and Hexchat 2.14.2-1.parabola1.

When I add people on my ignore list in Hexchat, it seems to work fine until I close the program. When I start it up the next time the list is cleared and no nicknames are there.

The same thing goes for the userlist border, its position is not saved on exit. The channel alert settings (per channel) are not saved either.

What is saved though are the "Settings -> Preferences" options which I have no problems with storing on exit.

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#1 Updated by ani 15 days ago

The write permissions on ~/.config/hexchat and all of its files and directories are good. I have the proper permissions to write there.

#2 Updated by bill-auger 15 days ago

it looks like this is somehow related to issue #2044 which apparently has slipped through the cracks

#3 Updated by bill-auger 15 days ago

  • Related to Bug #2044: [hexchat] Crash on quit added

#4 Updated by freemor 15 days ago

Check the new version, let me know if it fixes this too so I can close

#5 Updated by ani 15 days ago


I tried the new version. The ignore list is saved properly on exit now. The userlist border and channel extra alert settings are unfortunately not saved.

The error message is gone however. Start and close produce a clean output of no text at all.

#6 Updated by freemor 15 days ago

I'll need more people to do testing.

Both the userlist border and the alert settings save correctly for me on multiple machines (i686, x86_64) and multiple DE/WMs (LXDE, i3)

#7 Updated by freemor 7 days ago

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#8 Updated by ani 7 days ago

Please specify what info you need.

#9 Updated by freemor 6 days ago

ani I was just ammending the status to reflect my earlier call for input from other users.

Trying to discern if its hexchat (works fine for me so difficult to debug further), Hexchat and some other combo of software, or something specific to your set-up.

#10 Updated by ani 5 days ago


I don't know what more info I can give about my computer. I run 64-bit Linux-libre with FDE using LUKS, LightDM and XFCE as X frontends, /home is partitioned separately using LVM, that's pretty much what I can give you at the moment. It's not very customized and I do disk shred + reinstall of Parabola from time to time.

#11 Updated by freemor 5 days ago

Ani you are missing the point I require input from other users of hexchat

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