Bug #2229

mate-power-manager doesn't start with elogind on parabola openrc.

Added by BetaRays 23 days ago. Updated 17 days ago.

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I installed parabola openrc with mate and lightdm recently.

When elogind isn't installed, mate-power-manager runs fine when starting mate (the battery icon is here) but the power manager preferences coredumps.

When elogind is installed (to get the shutdown button in mate), the power managers now refuses to start, even though the power manager preferences works.

output of mate-power-manager --verbose attached (the dbind-warning was present even when it worked).


8KqP (1.66 KB) 8KqP BetaRays, 03/03/2019 09:56 AM
gpm-manager_elogind.patch (623 Bytes) gpm-manager_elogind.patch BetaRays, 03/03/2019 06:12 PM



Updated by BetaRays 23 days ago

Building the mate-power-manager package with the attached patch seems to make it work.


Updated by bill-auger 23 days ago

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that code is included since at least release version 1.21.0 - they just released 1.22.0 a few days ago - this is just a case of arch lagging a bit - i just marked it as "Flagged out-of-date" - when arch upgrades this package, parabola will get the fix

for now, rather than patching yourself, you could just set the version in the PKGBUILD to 1.21.1


Updated by BetaRays 23 days ago

The same error happens with mate-power-manager 1.21.1


Updated by bill-auger 23 days ago

ok sry i read your patch wrong - you want to remove that code from the sources


Updated by bill-auger 22 days ago

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megver - would this be reasonable to apply this patch to a special nonsystemd build of this package?


Updated by BetaRays 22 days ago

If we want to make the patch work only on nonsystemd systems (as it is currently), maybe we should remove the gpm_manager_systemd_inhibit entirely too, and if we want the patch to work on both systemd and elogind systems, we should keep the if block, but check for systemd instead of just logind.


Updated by Megver83 17 days ago

bill-auger wrote:

megver - would this be reasonable to apply this patch to a special nonsystemd build of this package?

totally reasonable. You can do too, if you wish, just remember to add pkgrel+=.nonsystemd1 to the PKGBUILD

I'm asking you this, because I think I'll not have the time to dedicate much time to this, at least in the short-time.

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