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Remove pypy from blacklist

johkra - about 10 years ago - . Updated about 8 years ago.

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Older versions of pypy included pstats.py1 and profile.py2 with a problematic license. With version 2.0 beta 1 (available from the Arch repos) these files have been relicensed under the Apache 2 license.

Unless there are other freedom issues (these are the ones given to me when I last asked about it), it would be nice if pypy could be removed from the blacklist.



SRCBUILD (482 Bytes) SRCBUILD johkra, 2013-02-12 10:53 AM
PKGBUILD (1.18 KB) PKGBUILD johkra, 2013-02-12 10:53 AM



Updated by mtjm about 10 years ago

The PyPy source tarball has two JARs (pypy/translator/jvm/src/jna.jar and pypy/translator/jvm/src/jasmin.jar). Can you find their source code, check their licenses and make the PKGBUILD build them from source (preferably using them from separate packages)?


Updated by johkra about 10 years ago

Both of these files are not needed and not used during the build. I do not know how we handle extraneous non-free files in the source tarball if the resulting package is not at all affected by it.

I personally would keep the Arch packages in the repos, but fix the PKGBUILD in abs-libre. I've attached a SRCBUILD which deletes these files and the adapted PKGBUILD to this comment. I've also put the cleaned source tarball at .


Updated by johkra about 10 years ago

Anything more I can do to get this resolved?


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