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On March 21 of this year (2023) qt5-webkit was deprecated. The developer now recommends this fork

We should consider replacing the qt5-webkit with this fork or another maintained version. There's the qtwebkit package in [pcr] which I'm not sure but looks like it is the same fork I'm talking about, anyways it is very old and depends in qt4, which is not available in our repos.

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generally, i would agree that an active upstream is preferable; but OTOH a package which never changes should routinely be painless re-builds - code-bases which change often should have dedicated packagers - neither the package in libre of pcr has a 'Maintainer:'

the main pain factor, is QT's fast pace plus strictness about version harmony across applications - ie: the "qt5" in "qt5-webkit" is the wildcard variable, accounting for most of the workload - "webkit" is more of a constant factor or O(1) (FWIW, webkit2gtk is relatively easy to maintain) - i suppose that any replacement would amount to much the same workload (eg: still need to be rebuilt every time the third (rev) version digit of 'qt5-base' changes)

the qt5-webkit dependency chain is relatively small, involving only 3 other packages with simple recipes - the same set of packages which needs rebuilding each time 'qt5-base' upgrades (#3421) - webkit is the only of those which takes a long time to compile - this seems like spending time to optimize, what is a relatively small workload over-all

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