Housekeeping #3501

Drop [community{,-staging,-testing}], [staging], [testing] - import [core{-staging,-testing}], [extra{-staging,-testing}]

Megver83 - 3 months ago - . Updated 9 days ago.

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Some time ago, Arch announced their git migration which meant they merged [community] into [extra] and split [testing] into [extra-testing] and [core-testing] (same with -staging repos). We must sync these new repos, drop the old ones and reflect these changes in pacman.


Bug #3498: [lib32-ncurses][lib32-libtiff][multiple]: warning: cannot resolve dependencyfixedbill-auger

Bug #3512: opencl-mesa replacements breaks dependency with lib32-opencl-mesafixedbill-auger

Bug #3523: libsndfile breaks dependency of lib32-libsndfilefixedbill-auger

Bug #3524: wine and wine-staging is out of datefixedbill-auger




Updated by bill-auger 3 months ago

also, multilib seems to be impacted - it will need to be done very carefully -
the migration is mostly automatic; and could not be prevented - but the arch
migration caused a huge problem, because winston is so low of empty disk
space - so i have been holding-off on adding the new repos until arch32 and
archarm have completed their migration

i did not expect it to take so long though - archarm completed their migration
just a few days ago - arch32 is still working on it


Updated by Megver83 27 days ago

To this date, all but wine packages in [community] are marked 'to be deleted' in Arch32 and they've no [testing] packages anymore.

They already migrated to the new repos layout, I think it's time for us to do the same.


Updated by bill-auger 11 days ago

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ok, this is done for x86_64 (mostly) - after the initial import failed for a very peculiar reason, i learned from the folks in #archlinux-devops that there is a bug in arch dbscripts (not ours) which causes some packages to be in multiple repos - the importer was not designed for that "undefined behavior"; so it makes a mess and chokes

as the importer tries to update the entire repo-set atomically (in a loop), it moves those packages from extra to extra-testing, then on the next iteration it tries to move them from extra to extra-staging, but fails because they are no longer in extra - i was watching the initial import closely; so i knew something was wrong even before it failed - packages should never flow upward - i was able to db-move them manually, back into extra where they should be, then exclude extra-testing and extra-staging fro future imports

until that problem is resolved upstream, extra-testing and extra-staging will not be available; and multilib-testing and multilib-staging will be frozen

they are not sure when that will be - it should be easy to know when though - when this page shows only one x86_64 package

the multilib conflicts appear to be resolved


Updated by bill-auger 10 days ago

done for armv7h


Updated by bill-auger 10 days ago

  • Subject changed from Drop [community], sync [extra-testing] and [core-testing] to Drop [community{,-staging,-testing}], [staging], [testing] - import [core{-staging,-testing}], [extra{-staging,-testing}]

arch32 has established core{,-staging,-testing} and extra{,-staging,-testing}; but there are still many packages in community and community-staging

the new repos are importing now; there are many thousands of packages in extra-staging; this could fill the disk - we may need to hold back extra-staging until those packages migrate into extra (hopefully slowly, not all at once)

ive adapted the pacman.conf files already - will make a new package soon

i had updated the 'Repositories' wiki page a few weeks ago; but probably some other pages need updating


Updated by bill-auger 9 days ago

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ok, its all good - the new i686 repos imported without trouble - ima call this one done - will just need to remember to stop synch-ing i686 community{,-staging,-testing} after they empty


Updated by Megver83 9 days ago

Great, should we post a news?


Updated by bill-auger 9 days ago

it is newsworthy to me, but thats only because it was such a PITA to accomplish
- but not so interesting to users; because it does not affect most users

most users will not need to do anything, because the community,staging,testing
repos still exist - the only noticeable effect is that `pacman -Sy` will show
them as always up-to-date - the most that anyone would need to do is merge
the pacnew file; but that is common maintenance, not exactly newsworthy - all
parabola users should know to do that anyways - everyone would need to do that
if the community db gets deleted o/c

but arch still has the community,staging,testing repos in place also - that makes
sense to me as a grace period, to give everyone time to upgrade and merge in
the pacnew changes - i would leave it that way for at least a year

OTOH, anyone using staging or testing now, will notice that they are always
empty - those people would want to tweak their pacman.conf now

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