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An alternative to systemd?

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Hi, I'm mostly active as Gab on IRC,

As long as we have choice, we should use it, it's like freedom, they are killed if they aren't used.
That's why I've tried to work on making OpenRC running on Parabola. I initially took the files from another distro and ran it and it.. just worked, everything about that installation is detailled there: (I love my note about système D ! :D)

So, basically ?

We can remove systemd, or almost remove it, there are some troubles (with OpenRC):
× each package contains a daemon file (systemd unit) which OpenRC doesn't have, we need to include them in a way or the other, in this another distro, this is provided as {package}-openrc, example: openvpn-openrc

× since it's not officially supported by Arch or Parabola, it will increase unsecurity in the system because you need to break your system in order to drop systemd and replace it with OpenRC/sysvinit

× OpenRC will soon have to move to runit since Gentoo devs won't support sysvinit, we depends on them and it's really hard to do otherwise

Some cool stuff:
× It worked! (yes, it's important...)

× It tends to be a bit faster than systemd (you don't need a lot of deamons systemd boots)

× On each update, you don't have a surprise daemon running new in your boot

So, what can we do about it?
× Continue using OpenRC and depends on another distro (which doesn't really care about software freedom...)

× As Emulatormann suggested, we can maybe run dmd? Note we still need an alternative to udev if we really want to drop systemd at 100% (dependency problems)

This is a call for idea, I'd like to know if it worth the shot to continue with way or stay with systemd.

Thank you all!
Happy Hacking



Updated by fauno over 5 years ago

i don't understand why you're speaking of freedom of choice and immediately after this, talking about removing systemd completely...


Updated by mtjm over 5 years ago

There is one reason why I'm interested in the discussions on alternative init systems for Parabola: I don't want these to cause more work for users or developers who do not need them. Removing systemd support obviously doesn't satisfy these criteria. I keep using Parabola on some of my systems since it's the only distro having recent systemd and not recommending nonfree software.

If systemd runs too many daemons on your system, then your system is misconfigured for your use.


Updated by freaj over 5 years ago

I wasn't very clear on the "remove". In order to have OpenRC + eudev, you can remove systemd, that doesn't mean everybody has to remove systemd but just you. OpenRC is provided as an alternative, not as a replacement.

It is now available here:


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People are using Parabola OpenRC.

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