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04:37 AM Packages Bug #2009: black display driver if possible
What exactly is the issue? brettgilio
04:09 AM Packages Freedom Issue #2012 (confirmed): KDE depends on Qt5-Webengine (Duh...)
Unsurprisingly, a large portion of the KDE packages depend on Qt5-Webengine somewhere in their dependency tree. I am ... brettgilio


07:53 AM Packages Bug #1922: QtCreator Clang version
/usr/lib/qtcreator/plugins/ Cannot load library /usr/lib/qtcreator/plugins/libQbsProjectManag... brettgilio
07:43 AM Packages Bug #1922 (fixed): QtCreator Clang version
QtCreator can not be installed from the repos, as it depends on Clang=6.0.0
Clang is currently at 6.0.1.
07:44 AM Packages Bug #1923 (fixed): Ring
The ring daemon is constantly failing and trying to reconnect after almost everything you can do in the client interf... brettgilio


05:11 AM Servers Bug #1666: [parabolaweb]: fails to update
lukeshu wrote:
> Given that this bug involves multiple edge cases across multiple different pieces of infrastructure...
05:04 AM Packages Packaging Request #1889: [madonctl] Add to PCR
Yes, MIT license is acceptable assuming that the dependencies it drawns on or the framework it runs on do not impede ... brettgilio
05:02 AM Packages Privacy Issue #909: Add a .onion address for
Somebody is going to have to explain to me why this is indeed a good idea? While I concede that the information expos... brettgilio
04:59 AM Packages Bug #1786: libreoffice-still freezes
Despite this being a few months old, what is the status of this issue for you now? Just so I can get the latest infor... brettgilio
04:56 AM Packages Freedom Issue #1882: telegram-desktop only points to non-free SaaSS
It's probably worth considering this issue closed due to RMS's input on XMPP/IRC likeness to Telegram server scrutiny... brettgilio

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