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09:41 PM pacman2pacman Bug #1402: permissions need to be reset for /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ upon removal
Reducing the permissions on that directory could break things. For example maybe the user shares the cache with other... xylon
09:34 PM pacman2pacman Bug #1407 (open): clarify messages regarding http(s) downloads
when downloading directly from a mirror, (for .db files or when a torrent stalls) it displays "Pacman2pacman http dow... xylon
09:31 PM pacman2pacman Bug #1406 (open): add an option to blacklist .db.sig
pacman asks pacman2pacman to download .db.sig files, which Parabola does not use. This creates error messages that wo... xylon
09:25 PM pacman2pacman Bug #1388: [pacman2pacman]: should support other init systems than systemd
I released a new version the other day which should fix this bug. Can someone please confirm as my Parabola is broken... xylon


11:06 AM pacman2pacman Bug #1388: [pacman2pacman]: should support other init systems than systemd
That looks like it should work. However all changes need to be tested, and I don't have time to test it since I don't... xylon


08:21 AM pacman2pacman Bug #1388 (fixed): [pacman2pacman]: should support other init systems than systemd
ATM it checks if transmission is running using systemd. We need to support other init systems like OpenRC. xylon


09:54 AM pbot-ng Bug #1164: Pbot not notifying bug tracker changes
test xylon


12:01 PM pacman2pacman Bug #538 (fixed): pacman2pacman assumes the cache location is default
fixed in today's release xylon
12:01 PM pacman2pacman Bug #1353 (fixed): There should be a config file
Implemented in today's release. xylon


04:46 PM pacman2pacman Bug #646 (fixed): Create fallback in case download stalls endlessly
OK it's fixed in new version released today. xylon

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