Best Parabola package for testing GPU?

Time4Tea - 7 months ago -


I am wondering what would be the best package in the Parabola armv7 repos to test/benchmark a GPU? I have had a look through for a lightweight 3D game, but I'm not finding very many. I know there is glxgears, but that seems very old and too basic to give a good test for a modern GPU. This site recommends glmark2, which looks better but doesn't seem to be available (I don't know if it is libre).

The panfrost driver with the latest linux-libre kernel seems to work with the Mali GPU on my Chromebook (which previous versions didn't). I'm curious to try something out with it and see what it can do.

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RE: Best Parabola package for testing GPU? - grizzlyuser - 7 months ago -

I don't know of the best one (especially for ARM), but xonotic has a built-in benchmark. It can be found from the main screen - Multiplayer - Media - Demos - the-big-keybench - Timedemo. It tries to render as fast as possible, and shows min/avg/max FPS of the run.

The game has two backends (GLX and SDL), so testing can be done on both. I tested it on x86_64 system and found that with SDL it perfored better, like rendered more FPS, vsync worked properly, probably something else.

The game is also fun to play, especially for hardcore FPS players. Keep in mind, although everything included in the official release (including the artwork AFAIK) has libre license, the maps you download from the random multiplayer servers may have different licensing.

RE: Best Parabola package for testing GPU? - Time4Tea - 7 months ago -

grizzlyuser thanks for the recommendation. I haven't tried xonotic, but I will install it and see how it performs.

RE: Best Parabola package for testing GPU? - bill-auger - 7 months ago -

'puzzlemoppet-git' is another small 3D game in the parabola repos

the 'hardinfo' program also has some graphics benchmarks, and
shows relative comparisons with other common computers