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[nonprism] Cannot start GNOME after activating nonprism

theova - 9 months ago - . Updated about 1 month ago.

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After having activated nonprism in /etc/pacman.conf and downgrading the system to the nonprism-packages, I cannot start gnome-session anymore from the tty.

The following packages were downgraded (pacman -Syuu):

warning: evolution-data-server: downgrading from version 3.30.3-1 to version 3.28.5-2.nonprism1
warning: gnome-online-accounts: downgrading from version 3.30.0-1 to version 3.28.0-1.nonprism1
warning: gnome-settings-daemon: downgrading from version to version 3.26.2-1.nonprism1
warning: grilo-plugins: downgrading from version 0.3.8-1 to version 0.3.5-1.nonprism1
warning: webkit2gtk: downgrading from version 2.22.5-1 to version 2.22.4-1.nonprism1

Deactivating nonprism and upgrading let me start gnome again.

I don't know, which of them is the cause of the problem... Please tell me, If I should provide more logs.



Updated by kenogo 3 months ago

I can confirm this is still an issue, here's GNOME's crash log:

Jun 12 21:26:23 KenoArchDesktop gnome-shell[1023]: JS ERROR: Error: Requiring Geoclue, version none: Typelib file for namespace 'Geoclue' (any version) not found
Jun 12 21:26:23 KenoArchDesktop gnome-shell[1023]: Execution of main.js threw exception: Script <main> threw an exception
Jun 12 21:26:23 KenoArchDesktop org.gnome.Shell.desktop[1023]: (EE) failed to read Wayland events: Connection reset by peer
Jun 12 21:26:23 KenoArchDesktop gnome-session[982]: gnome-session-binary[982]: WARNING: App 'org.gnome.Shell.desktop' exited with code 1
Jun 12 21:26:23 KenoArchDesktop gnome-session-binary[982]: WARNING: App 'org.gnome.Shell.desktop' exited with code 1
Jun 12 21:26:23 KenoArchDesktop gnome-session-binary[982]: Unrecoverable failure in required component org.gnome.Shell.desktop


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i have not looked into this; but offhand, i will guess that this is not a bug really - it is probably just the [nonprism] packages doing their intended job of preventing privacy leaks

the error above shows that the 'geoclue' program is not found - 'geoclue' is a geo-location program which is considered to be privacy-invasive; so that is something that the [nonprism] repos exists specifically to remove

perhaps gnome can be made to function without that feature; but for now it appears that gnome can not be used with the [nonprism] repos - assuming this is some new feature, i will mark this as a packaging request until we know more - it could be a bug though, if this is a regression that was addressed in this past


Updated by theova about 1 month ago

The issue is solved for me by the update of [nonprism/gnome-settings-daemon].

This issue can be closed.


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