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As proposed by Freemor on the mailing list [1]:

I'm seriously considering re-doing nonprism for the following reasons.

1.) Too many packages in there are solely there to remove geoclue2 support. much better to just patch geoclue (see nonprism-testing)
Patching geoclue vs trying to keep on top of the many bits seems a much saner approach.

2.) The name nonprism tho probably trendy at the time may promise more then it delivers. I think it'd be better to rebrand it to Privacy Enhanced or something similar
for me the nonprism moniker promises too much and may lead people to a false sense of security. Which is a bad thing. Prism is far to expansive for a distro to
be able to protect a user from. Where "Enhanced Privacy" we stand a hope of delivering.

3.) Several of the packages have been rolling forward without much real attention paid to new features/protocols/etc that may have bee added that will
effect privacy. So a comprehensive look at each package is most likely in order.

My Plan. when time permits (most likely in the new year) is to:

1.) Move nonprism-testing to privacy-enhanced (or something similar but shorter
2.) Keep the patched geoclue2 in there and do more work on it to be sure its returning "location unavailable"
3.) move the nonprisn packages that are patched for reasons other then geoclue into the new repo
4.) Update and take a serious look at those packages as they are moved over and apply any further patches
5.) Get Feedback from testers on all this work.
6.) Write a PrivacyEnhanced_README.txt that explains the intent of the repo and probably also a wiki wntry
7.) When all is sane create a migration path, make Privacy-enhanced live (add it to the pacman.conf (commented out)
8.) Remove nonprism.

Hopefully this will: Create more realistic expectattions, lower the maintenance load, Stop breaking gnome and all browsers that depend on webkit2gtk, etc.



Privacy Issue #2621: Remove packages patched against geoclue from [nonprism]confirmed

Privacy Issue #2620: Create a neutered geocluein progress

Privacy Issue #2580: Test report of [nonprism-testing/geoclue]unconfirmedfreemor

Housekeeping #2626: Create a consice requirement specification for packages in "your-privacy"open

Privacy Issue #2622: Reevaluate libgdata and/or its dependentsinfo needed

Privacy Issue #2623: Re-evaluate nonprism-packages which remove addon or access to non-free serviceconfirmed

Privacy Issue #2624: Re-evaluate packages in nonprism with unkown problemsconfirmed

Privacy Issue #2625: Re-evaluate [nonprism] hardened packagesconfirmed


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Thanks theova for the time and energy you are spending on this.

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