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kathor - about 4 years ago - . Updated almost 4 years ago.

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Failed to transition from arch x32.

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I followed directions to migrate from Arch in a librebooted ThinkPad T60 (/etc/makepackage.conf, CARCH="pentium4")
During the process, several issues arised. Finally I was not able to transition to Parabola.

  1. Issue 1
    pacman: All trackers return "not valid 404".
    - "Solution": replace "$arch" at the end of the string of any mirror with "i686" at /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist
  1. Issue 2
    pacman: Returns not signed error.
    Packages (all) do not have a valid architecture.
    - "Solution": pacman.conf to not check for signatures
  1. Issue 3 -- pacman -Suu (after pacman.conf modification)
    pacman: Packages (all) do not have a valid architecture.


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Updated by bill-auger about 4 years ago

sorry, but that was not a bad decision - it was necessary for
preventing spam; which was making the bug tracker unusable - the
parabola wiki is still not accepting public contributions for
that reason - the alternative was to close off public access to
the bug tracker entirely, as we did do with the wiki; and to
accept bug reports only on the mailing list

so, the very fact that you were able to post this bug report on
the website, including all of the relevant information in the
attachment, proves that it was the best decision, given the
options, to permit you to do so - it was the only way to
accommodate people who prefer to use a web browser for
communications, and those who wish to retain maximal anonymity
regarding their communications


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To make it simpler to read, I have added the report from the attachment to the description.


Updated by bill-auger almost 4 years ago

the main problem with migrating from arch32 to parabola, is that arch32 has three different arches - i486, i686, and pentium4 - it's default pacman.conf has arch=auto; which forces an upgrade to pentium4, if the machine supports it - im not sure if there is a clean migration path from arch32 pentium4 to parabola - i would suggest making that arch change to i686 in the arch32 system firstly, then pacman -Syyuu; before trying to migrate to parabola

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