Bug #2775

[libremakepkg]: all arm builds failing

bill-auger - 12 days ago - . Updated 12 days ago.

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this is the example from 'cups-filters' - the "semop(1)" error ocurrs with every ARM build, just after the build completes, upon "entering fakeroot"

 |  ============================================================================
 |  Testsuite summary for cups-filters 1.27.4
 |  ============================================================================
 |  # TOTAL: 6
 |  # PASS:  6
 |  # SKIP:  0
 |  # XFAIL: 0
 |  # FAIL:  0
 |  # XPASS: 0
 |  # ERROR: 0
 |  ============================================================================
 |  make[4]: Leaving directory '/build/cups-filters/src/cups-filters-1.27.4'
 |  make[3]: Leaving directory '/build/cups-filters/src/cups-filters-1.27.4'
 |  make[2]: Leaving directory '/build/cups-filters/src/cups-filters-1.27.4'
 |  make[1]: Leaving directory '/build/cups-filters/src/cups-filters-1.27.4'
 |  ==> Entering fakeroot environment...
 |  semop(1): encountered an error: Function not implemented
==> Copying log and package files out of the chroot...

oaken-source started upgrading the qemu accessories to v5 - hopefully thats from where the error stems



Updated by bill-auger 12 days ago

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Updated by oaken-source 12 days ago

I've noticed this too, I think it's a regression unrelated to my attempts at the qemu-user-static 5.0 builds. Especially considering that none of my efforts there have made it into the repos yet :)

It is concerning though, and we should look into this with urgency.


Updated by bill-auger 12 days ago

i didnt suggest that it was related to your work this week - its
been broken for maybe 2 weeks now - i was hoping that it was
because of qemu5 entering arch; but our helpers being
incompatible, and needing an upgrade

more than concerning, it is preventing any arm packages from
being built, unless gnutoo does them on his SBCs - all of the
icu dependents need rebuilding now; preventing ARM system from
being upgraded without removing them - even if gnutoo can build
them all, the hungry ice-* critters will put quite a hurtin' on
those 2GB boards - also blender - it could be two weeks before
he could complete all of those

i have icedove armv7h almost ready - it took only 3000
minutes to complete on beefcake - it may be possible to rescue it
though with -R, if we can get this problem fixed - thats why
figured it was worth building, even though i knew it would fail

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