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Housekeeping #3018: Various uninstallable packages should be fixed, dropped, or blacklisted.

[python2-*]: multiple packages dropped from arch

bill-auger - almost 2 years ago - . Updated 2 months ago.

% Done:



due to calibre v5 dropping support for python2, several python2 dependencies of calibre v4 are planned to be dropped from arch - this is the calibre4 python2-* dependency chain:


python2-apsw           : calibre3
python2-beautifulsoup4 : calibre3
python2-cssselect      : calibre3
python2-css-parser     : calibre3
python2-dateutil       : calibre3 gnuhealth python2-caldav python2-freezegun syncthing-gtk tryton trytond
python2-dbus           : calibre3 flowblade gtg ibus idjc mugshot netatalk python2-efl xboxdrv zeroinstall-injector
python2-dnspython      : calibre3 mailman
python2-feedparser     : calibre3 rawdog
python2-html2text      : calibre3
python2-html5-parser   : calibre3
python2-lxml           : calibre3 mailpile ocrodjvu python2-caldav python2-html5-parser python2-relatorio trytond
python2-markdown       : calibre3 parabolaweb-utils
python2-mechanize      : calibre3
python2-msgpack        : calibre3 python2-cachecontrol python2-tarantool salt zeronet-git
python2-netifaces      : calibre3
python2-psutil         : calibre3
python2-pychm          : chm2pdf
python2-pygments       : calibre3 python2-prompt_toolkit1 python2-sphinx python2-weberror
python2-pyqt5          : calibre3
python2-regex          : calibre3
python2-ipaddress      : python2-cryptography python2-pip

second order:

python2-caldav          : gnuhealth
python2-relatorio       : trytond
python2-cachecontrol    : python2-pip
python2-prompt_toolkit1 : ipython2
python2-cryptography    : mailpile python2-pyopenssl tahoe-lafs
python2-pip             : gnuhealth python2-reportlab


python2-pyopenssl : python2-ndg-httpsclient python2-service-identity

fourth order:

python2-service-identity : sslstrip  tahoe-lafs


Bug #2915: libusb update breaks calibre3confirmed

Bug #2934: [printrun] missing dependency python2-pygletconfirmed

Bug #3042: [calibre3]: unable to satisfy dependency 'python2-*' and 'libusbx'.confirmed

Bug #3170: [castle-combat]: unable to satisfy dependency 'python2-twisted' required by castle-combatconfirmed

Housekeeping #3237: Remove pcr/python2* and libre/python2*open




Updated by bill-auger almost 2 years ago

<eschwartz> warning: I just released calibre 5.0 to the arch repos. It's python3-only, so I dropped some old modules I don't need anymore.
<eschwartz> You do need them, for calibre 3.x sans webengine -- so before the next parabola sync, you need to add them yourself
<eschwartz> you can see the PKGBUILDs I modified/dropped here:
<eschwartz> basically you need python2-{apsw,css-parser,html2text,html5-parser,markdown,mechanize,netifaces,pychm,regex,unrardll} - possibly not pychm
<eschwartz> you'll need to also add some pyqt stuff whenever arojas drops those from [extra]


Updated by freemor over 1 year ago

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Updated by bill-auger over 1 year ago

the dependency chain in the OP was based on the deps for calibre v4 - for calibre3 these 8 are unavailable:

$ pkgs=$(pactree ${OPTS} --sync calibre3) # where $OPTS is a custom --dbpath= --config=
                                          # searching all repos
$ for pkg in $pkgs ; do pacman -Ssq $pkg | grep ^$pkg$ > /dev/null || echo "n/a: $pkg" ; done
n/a: python2-apsw
n/a: python2-css-parser
n/a: python2-html2text
n/a: python2-html5-parser
n/a: python2-mechanize
n/a: python2-netifaces
n/a: python2-pyqt5
n/a: python2-regex

re: python2-unrardll (mentioned by eli) - that is the original reason why calibre is on the blacklist (no unrar)


Updated by bill-auger over 1 year ago

  • Related to deleted (Bug #2915: libusb update breaks calibre3)

Updated by bill-auger about 1 year ago

  • Related to Bug #3042: [calibre3]: unable to satisfy dependency 'python2-*' and 'libusbx'. added

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