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[iceweasel] upgrade to 68.0.1

eliotime3000 - 3 months ago - . Updated 11 days ago.

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I've seen that actually the updates of Iceweasel version 66.0.4 and 66.0.5 are related to the Mozilla certificates that are installed from Firefox add-ons repository. In Iceweasel, I've been using my Firefox Sync account and I didn't have any issues in comparisson with my netbook partition with Firefox for Arch and Windows.

However, I want to know if this bug is enough reason to apply the 66.0.5 update from the source code of Firefox to Iceweasel. Thanks.

Bug related with the add-on certificate issue:



Updated by eliotime3000 3 months ago

Nevermind. Today, Mozilla anounced the release of Firefox source code in the version 67.0, which haves many improvements (full support of keyboard shortcuts, embedded filter of cryptocurrency miners, integration of AV1 codec, and many other good news).

Please update Iceweasel source code ASAP.



Updated by bill-auger 3 months ago

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Updated by bill-auger 3 months ago

started adapting the PKGBUILD and pushed to abslibre (FTBS)

  • updated version number and checksums
  • replaced the previous arch patch with the current one
  • re-worked libre-searchengines.patch
  • renamed toolkit/components/telemetry/TelemetryStartup.{manifest,jsm} in sed command
  • _brandingver=66.0
  • removed the option that disables webrtc for this build - i would like to see if that makes jitsimeet work - if it works, i think we should consider that as a permanent change - the 'iceweasel-hardened-preferences' can be used by those who want that feature disabled

Updated by bill-auger 3 months ago

oaken-source -

maybe something is missing from the branding package - did you encounter an error like this:

705:58.55 PASS
705:58.55 PASS
706:10.76 toolkit/locales/update.locale.stub
706:22.79 browser/locales/bookmarks.html.stub
706:26.33 Packaging
706:26.54 Packaging
706:26.70 Packaging
706:34.84 Error: $SRCDIR/browser/installer/ Missing file(s): bin/browser/chrome/icons/default/default16.png
706:34.89 Error: $SRCDIR/browser/installer/ Missing file(s): bin/browser/chrome/icons/default/default32.png
706:34.90 Error: $SRCDIR/browser/installer/ Missing file(s): bin/browser/chrome/icons/default/default48.png
706:34.90 Error: $SRCDIR/browser/installer/ Missing file(s): bin/browser/chrome/icons/default/default64.png
706:34.91 Error: $SRCDIR/browser/installer/ Missing file(s): bin/browser/chrome/icons/default/default128.png
706:42.07 Traceback (most recent call last):
706:42.07   File "/code/packages/abslibre/libre/iceweasel/src/firefox-67.0/toolkit/mozapps/installer/", line 347, in <module>
706:42.08     main()
706:42.08   File "/code/packages/abslibre/libre/iceweasel/src/firefox-67.0/toolkit/mozapps/installer/", line 297, in main
706:42.09     copier.add(mozpath.join(respath, 'removed-files'), removals)
706:42.09   File "/usr/lib64/python2.7/", line 24, in __exit__
706:42.10   File "/code/packages/abslibre/libre/iceweasel/src/firefox-67.0/python/mozbuild/mozpack/", line 131, in accumulate
706:42.11     raise AccumulatedErrors()
706:42.11 mozpack.errors.AccumulatedErrors
706:42.11 make[5]: *** [/code/packages/abslibre/libre/iceweasel/src/firefox-67.0/toolkit/mozapps/installer/ stage-package] Error 1
706:42.11 make[4]: *** [/code/packages/abslibre/libre/iceweasel/src/firefox-67.0/toolkit/mozapps/installer/ make-package] Error 2
706:42.13 make[3]: *** [/code/packages/abslibre/libre/iceweasel/src/firefox-67.0/config/ default] Error 2
706:42.15 make[2]: *** [/code/packages/abslibre/libre/iceweasel/src/firefox-67.0/browser/ package] Error 2
706:42.17 make[1]: *** [Makefile:206: profiledbuild] Error 2
706:42.43 make: *** [ build] Error 2
706:43.06 111 compiler warnings present.
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().

Updated by oaken-source 3 months ago

no, my build passed. but thanks for reminding me to publish the package.


Updated by eliotime3000 3 months ago

Thanks by the update. I'm waiting the whole update for Iceweasel and the language packs.

PS: I sent the out-of-date message for Icedove, but the maillist apparently doesn't work so well as usual (inbox, mail archives).


Updated by eliotime3000 3 months ago

So far, the language packs of Iceweasel 67 are not yet updated. They're still on 66.0.3 version.


Updated by oaken-source 3 months ago

  • % Done changed from 0 to 50

I'm working on it. A lot of the l10n PKGBUILD needs to be rewritten to reflect the diverging pkgver's of iceweasel across the arches.

but it's getting there.


Updated by eliotime3000 2 months ago

I decided to post there due to the changes applied to this Firefox source code update are a little bit trivial, except to the "Enhanced Tracking Protection".

Firefox source code has been released to the version 67.0.1, which added improvements to the "Enhanced Tracking Protection", which takes features from Disconnect service.

Another news are not directly focused on the source code, which are completely tied-up with Firefox Sync-based services like Firefox Lockwise, Facebook Container, Firefox Monitor and Firefox Send.

For more information about general news related with this new security update, please follow this link:

For more specific details about Firefox source code, please follow this link:



Updated by eliotime3000 2 months ago

Mozilla finally released the Firefox source code update, which optimizes the compilation for GNU/Linux and MacOS.

More info:



Updated by eliotime3000 about 2 months ago

In June 18, Mozilla updated the Firefox source code to the version 67.0.3, applying a hotfix.

More information:



Updated by eliotime3000 about 2 months ago

Mozilla has applied a security fix in the Firefox source code in the version 67.0.4.

The description is the following:

Insufficient vetting of parameters passed with the Prompt:Open IPC message between child and parent processes can result in the non-sandboxed parent process opening web content chosen by a compromised child process. When combined with additional vulnerabilities this could result in executing arbitrary code on the user's computer.

More info >>



Updated by eliotime3000 about 1 month ago

Mozilla released a new Firefox source code upgrade, which is on the version 68.0.

The most highlighted features are:

1.- Fingerprinting and cryptominig protection has been added into the content blocking (both release and ESR branches).
2.- Dark mode in reader view.
3.- Redesigned extensions dashboard in about:adons.
4.- New report feature in about:addons to report any security and performance issues with extensions and themes.

Also, the following changes has been applied to the browser:

1.- Unified Bengali variant localizations into one.
2.- Mandatory merge to the British English (en-gb) for the users of the Assamese (as), South African (en-za), Maithili (mai), Malayalam (ml)and Odia (or) due to the removal of the unmantained localizations.
3.- New update on browser policies (see >> for more information).

For more details about Firefox 68.0 in the release branch, please go to the following link:



Updated by CommodoreCrunch about 1 month ago

As an FYI to save someone some time, the following will need changing in order to build Iceweasel 68, at least on x86_64 where I've tried it:

-The Rust patch needs to be removed entirely; it's no longer needed

-The libre-searchengines patch needs fuzzing, as usual

-The build expects a file at branding/content/aboutlogins.svg

EDIT: Oh, and as a freedom issue, you'll probably want to set extensions.htmlaboutaddons.recommendations.enabled to default to false, otherwise the add-ons settings page will suggest non-free extensions.

EDIT 2: Also for some reason on my test build, the title of the "about Iceweasel" page says "About -brand-full-name", so maybe they added some new variable that needs assigning. I haven't figured out how to fix this one.


Updated by eliotime3000 28 days ago

A new security update has been released for the Firefox source code (68.0.1).

It fixes many issues related with the locales, including some search engines that worked incorrectly.

More information at >>



Updated by bill-auger 27 days ago

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  • Subject changed from [iceweasel] upgrade to 66.0.4, 66.0.5, or 67.0 to [iceweasel] upgrade to 68.0.1

i reworked the patches and started a build for x86_64

i simplified the search-engines patch quite a bit, deferring all of the regular lines to a sed command in the PKGBUILD - i also added in my experimental patch to restore the parabola branding to the "start page" - if that works out as expected, that patch should probably be moved into the branding tarball


Updated by bill-auger 26 days ago

CommodoreCrunch -

i dont see any change in toggling the 'extensions.htmlaboutaddons.recommendations.enabled' key - can you explain what that does?


Updated by bill-auger 16 days ago

iceweasel 68.0.1 is in [libre] now

the custom auto-serach-engines still need work - this version has only wikipedia and duckduckgo available - those were fairly easy to enable because the configs for them are in the upstream sources


Updated by bill-auger 16 days ago

  • % Done changed from 50 to 30

Updated by CommodoreCrunch 16 days ago

The 'extensions.htmlaboutaddons.recommendations.enabled' key toggles the "recommended extensions" section in the about:addons page:

I don't actually know whether any of these extensions aren't considered free and kosher. I remember seeing them a couple weeks ago and seeing some relating to Google services, but honestly they're not as bad as I remember. The current pool of recommendations is here:

Totally up to you guys on whether they're considered freedom-breaking.


Updated by bill-auger 16 days ago

iceweasel 68 will not build against the rust in i686 - it needs >= v1.34

rust >= v1.34 does not build on arch32 i686

the errors i got building in a parabola i686 chroot were different than what they got on arch32

i have arm baking now


Updated by eliotime3000 15 days ago

It looks like RUST in 32 bit version (in the case of Parabola 32) doesn't need to use ROOT or SUDO to compile.

In the case of Arch 32, the LLVM dependence is not up to date.


Updated by bill-auger 15 days ago

ARM croaks on the link job

 |  460:50.64 toolkit/library/
 |  672:15.72 /usr/bin/ld: final link failed: memory exhausted
 |  672:16.58 clang-8: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)
 |  672:19.78 make[4]: *** [/build/iceweasel/src/firefox-68.0.1/config/] Error 1
 |  672:20.54 make[3]: *** [/build/iceweasel/src/firefox-68.0.1/config/ toolkit/library/target] Error 2
 |  672:20.57 make[2]: *** [/build/iceweasel/src/firefox-68.0.1/config/ compile] Error 2
 |  672:20.62 make[1]: *** [/build/iceweasel/src/firefox-68.0.1/config/ default] Error 2
 |  672:21.01 make: *** [ build] Error 2
 |  672:21.06 136 compiler warnings present.
 |  ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
 |      Aborting...

Updated by freemor 14 days ago

Nice work bill-auger

Just a note for myself So I'll remember to tweak it later

extensions.htmlaboutaddons.recommendations.enabled  -> False

Disables the suggesting of add-ons. While in 'Extensions' the Recommends Above extensions still shows stuff. I'll look into how to clean that up too


Updated by bill-auger 13 days ago

the recommended extensions feature has a dedicated BR now #2409

other than that and the newtab page, the one remaining issue is locating where to set the 'brand-full-name' branding key - the "about" page of 'icedove' was broken in a similar way recently (issue #2327)


Updated by eliotime3000 12 days ago

Also, the language packs are outdated for the x86_64 version of Iceweasel. Is possible to build the language packs for Iceweasel?

By the way, I sent a request for update the [[ GNU IceCat]]


Updated by bill-auger 11 days ago

the language packs have been upgraded - thank for reminding

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