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10:27 PM Parabola Community Forum Newbie Welcome Center: RE: Hiya
hello and welcome to the parabola forums pribib


03:16 PM Parabola Community Forum Get Involved: RE: Call for Experience Reports
Nice wiki article, it's really good to see some feedback and hopefully will motivate everyone involved a bit more. I ... pribib


07:58 PM Packages Packaging request #1982: mandelbulber2 packaging request
Third party license menu:
Links from this ...


09:28 PM Parabola Community Forum General Discussion: RE: Thanks for the Forum
thanks bill, I might not be posting too much right now but rest assured I am doing what I can to keep a close eye on ... pribib


08:50 PM Parabola Community Forum Newbie Welcome Center: RE: Wich browser are you using on Parabola ?
I use icecat, iceweasel and lynx. icecat has a tor browser button extension if you want to use it with tor. pribib


10:08 PM Packages Bug #2301 (fixed): trytond-webdav requires python2-pywebdav>=0.9.8
when updating I am asked if I would like to replace python2-pywebdav with pcr/python2-pywebdav3 but trytond-webdav re... pribib


12:37 PM Parabola Community Forum New Feature Requests: RE: Parabola Equivalent To Freedombox?
I think this could work on a beaglebone black with a preconfigured SD card pribib
12:34 PM Parabola Community Forum Freedom & Liberty Discussion: Sources of information on freedom related topics
In this thread we can post links to sources of information and news related to freedom and liberty to keep up to date... pribib
12:21 PM Parabola Community Forum Universal Accessibility: RE: Please adjust the forum colour scheme
The new colors look good pribib


09:11 PM Packages Freedom issue #1745: [warsow] non free software
looks like 3 archives of assets are not free culture so should be removed from parabola? pribib

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