Mozilla-based software source code update bulletin

eliotime3000 - 8 months ago -

The following thread is focused to notify any report from the mail list in relation with a new update of every Mozilla-based software (Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, etc.), which also will be useful for any kind of issues that can appear during the forking process.


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RE: Mozilla-based software source code update bulletin - eliotime3000 - 8 months ago -

Notification about new version of Firefox to the version 71

The following message highlights the relevant news from Firefox 71 for the Iceweasel users. In any case that a dependence can generate a problem to make possible an upgrade to the x86_32 and armv7 platforms, please spread it here.


RE: Mozilla-based software source code update bulletin - freemor - 8 months ago -

I'm confused about the pourpose of this. I am very aware when FF updates come out.. So Do not require telling about.

Issues building/Upgrading the package would be discussed in the issue tracker.

Duplicating notifications from the mailing list here seems redundant.

Can you calrify what you are hoping that this will achieve?

RE: Mozilla-based software source code update bulletin - eliotime3000 - 8 months ago -

Usually, not all the outdate reports appears into the maillist, and sometimes, there's no inmediate reply from othewr users that are not pendent of the bug reports.

RE: Mozilla-based software source code update bulletin - freemor - 8 months ago -

I'm still unclear as to what you are trying to achieve with this forum discuccion.

I am (and I assume other devs are) aware of FF updates pretty much the day they happen
due to various things I read. I certainly do not need someone to flag ice* out-of-date
to know that it's not current. I'm fairly certain this applies to all devs here.

What type of reply from users are you expecting? I assume if they are not tracking a BR
then they are not overly concerned about the update.

RE: Mozilla-based software source code update bulletin - bill-auger - 8 months ago -

all packages flagged out-of-date should appear on the [dev] mailing list - something would be broken if they do not - nothing on the forum would itself be relevant to development/maintenance concerns - it is best to separate discussions from work items - if ever something begins on the forum, then indicates a bug or some other work should be done, it will be escalated to the bug tracker; or a thread on the [dev] list if some technical discussion is required first

the forum is intended for general discussions and help requests - essentially, all of the same purposes as the [assist] mailing list; but for people who prefer the web to email - maybe you are assuming that people would want to discuss new browser features, but without using email, and this thread would be something of a news feed? - that would be a fine use of the forum

RE: Mozilla-based software source code update bulletin - eliotime3000 - 8 months ago -

Yes. In fact, this thread will be limited to be a news feed, while some suggestions and bugs related to the builds of Iceweasel, Icedove, GNU IceCat and Iceape will be focused on the bug report section. Rarely, the outdated package reports takes their time and effort detailing the main changes that can be relevant for the Iceweasel users (well, I always check first the release notes section of Firefox and Thunderbird every time that a new updated is released and Usually I rescue the most importants to post them in the outdated package reports).

Also, many facts (as the dependences or any modification of some compilation requirements) can affect the release of every new version of any Mozilla-based software fork.

Firefox 72.0.1 released (Zero-day patch comment) - eliotime3000 - 7 months ago -

In this week, Mozilla has released the Firefox source code to the version 72, which implements many improvements of the version 71 release (blocking of fingerprint system on the Enhanced Tracking Protection system and Picture-in-Picture function), and the hiding of pop-up warnings. However, in the 72.0.1 update, the CVE-2019-17026 report describes a bug that approach the quoted bug of SpiderMonkey to release attacks. This bug has been reported by Quihoo 360 ATA.

Anyway, this report has been posted in the bug report #2595. Any discussion related with this bug, please comment on it. Thanks.

Firefox source code updated to version 73 in release branch - eliotime3000 - 6 months ago -

Firefox source code has been updated to the version 73 in release branch.

The following news are:

1.- Global page zoom level setting for apply to all pages.
2.- Improved audio quality when any audio file is played at fast or low speed.
3.- Save login prompt now will appear if a field of login form has been modified.
4.- Improved auto-detection of legacy text encoding in websites that doesn't declare the text encoding emplyed.

Fore more detailed information, please follow this link below:


PS: The Outdated package report has been posted in the Parabola Dev maillist, and Grizzlyuser reported that the compilation of Iceweasel 73 is in progress. Please reply to the dev maillist.

Thunderbird source code has been updated to the version 68.5.0 - eliotime3000 - 6 months ago -

Thunderbird source code has been updated to the version 68.5.0 in their default branch.

The following news are:

1.- Support for Client Identity IMAP/SMTP Service Extension.
2.- Support for OAuth 2.0 authentication for POP3 accounts.
3.- Calendar functions fixed (remove color in default categories, prevent calendar component, today's pane width).

For more information, please follow this link:


PS: The Icedove main pack and language packs has been reported outdated, but apparently it doesn't appear in the maillist. Please discuss the update in the Parabola Dev maillist ASAP. Thanks.

Firefox source code updated to the version 73.0.1 - eliotime3000 - 5 months ago -

The following security update fixes the following critical bugs:

1.- Loss of browser functionality when it runs in compatibility mode and/or custom anti-exploit settings.
2.- Unexpected exit when leaves Print mode.

More detailed info is found here.

PS: The upgrade of Iceweasel to the version 73.0 will include the following changes:

1.- Revision for ARM build flags
2.- Rebranding settings changes

Anyway, all the suggestions and/or contributions to the builds of Iceweasel can be sent via maillist and/or IRC chat.


Firefox source code updated to the version 74 - eliotime3000 - 5 months ago -

Firefox source code has been upgraded to the version 74, which means that inclued many news and improvements.

  1. External add-ons installed by applications now can be removed from the add-ons manager panel (it apparently can affect to Windows users, but it could affect to those people that installs the add-ons from repositories of each distro, restricting to the Firefox add-ons library).
  2. Fixed behavior of pinned tabs.
  3. Fixed behavior of Picture-in-Picture mode for some sites that embeds video files with pictures in slideshows.
  4. Disabled TLS 1.0 and 1.1 support. Now, the minimal TLS version supported is TLS 1.2.

Also, a good news for those users that uses Facebook Container:

  1. Facebook Container now allow to add any other sites to prevent any tracking activity (Twittwer, Google, Microsoft, etc.).

Anyway, for more detailed information, please go to the Firefox Release Notes website


Update for Mozilla-based software for Parabola - eliotime3000 - 5 months ago -

Andreas Grapetin has reported that Iceweasel, Icedove and Iceape are in rebuilding process (finally). It means that early or late, we'll have updated the quoted programs.

RE: Mozilla-based software source code update bulletin - Time4Tea - 5 months ago -

Good news! It would be great to see new builds for icecat for ARM. It's something that's been causing me problems recently.

Iceweasel has been updated to the version 74 for i686, x86_64 y armv7h - eliotime3000 - 4 months ago -

Today, Iceweasel has been updated to the version 74. In March 26th, Grizzlyuser announced the sucessful update for Iceweasel 74. The only one pendent task is the update of the lanuage packs of Iceweasel web browser.

Anyway, thanks for the update, and any news about Iceweasel, Icedove and/or Iceape update, alongside the main software that are based will be posted here. Any question related with the development for Mozilla-based software for Parabola, must be replied into the maillist and/or IRC chat.


Firefox source code updated to the version 74.0.1 - eliotime3000 - 4 months ago -

Today, as it has been noticed via reportbug form, Mozilla announced the release of Firefox 74.0.1, with the following security fixes related with the use-after-free bug:

  1. nsDocShell destructor (CVE-2020-6819).
  2. ReadbleStream (CVE-2020-6820).

For more information about this upgrade, please follow this link and the MFSA 2020-11 page with the detailed bugfixes.


PS: The language packs are still pendent to upgrade at the same version than actual version of Iceweasel.

Firefox source code updated to the version 75.0 - eliotime3000 - 4 months ago -

Today has been announced the upgrade of Firefox source code of Firefox, in the version 75.

The main new features are:

  1. New adress bar for Firefox-based browsers. It will improve the search experience with fancy new implementations.
  2. "Local" trusted certificate caching (Web PKI Certificate Authority ones) via Mozilla servers. Ideal for misconfigured HTTPS servers.
  3. Official Firefox binaries repository on Flatpak.
  4. Domain excluding process made with DNS over HTTPS via TRR (Trusted Recursive Reciever) in Enterprise Policies scenarios.
  5. Instant Evaluation for Console expressions.
  6. New implementation on <img> element (loading attributes).

For more detailed info, please go to this link (some news for MacOS and Windows are excluded of this brief list).

PS: Iceweasel language packs bugs are still present (specially, the #2571 one).


Thunderbird 68.7.0 is avariable. - eliotime3000 - 4 months ago -

The version 68.7.0 of Thunderbird has been updated in April 8th, 2020.

These are their most relevant changes:

  1. Raw messages source avariable to MailExtensions.
  2. messages.update function extended to mark messages as junk or not junk.
  3. browser.compose.begin functions no longer expand mailing lists.
  4. Many bugfixes related to Thunderbird sync accounts and Calendar.

For more detailed information, please follow this link


Iceweasel 75 build status - eliotime3000 - 4 months ago -

Going back to the Iceweasel development status, the x86_64 and armv7 builds are built sucessfully, but the i686 build is not yet ready due to a dependence with Rust (1:1.39.0-1.2 to be precise).

In the language packa aspect, the respective patches has been sent and when the rust packages gets notified about the Rust upgrade, will proceed to merge Iceweasel into the version 75. So far, there's problems to build the latest version of Rust for i686 with LLVM 7.1, which is the main obstacle to merge into Iceweasel 75 for i686.

Iceweasel 75 has been released for x86_64 - eliotime3000 - 4 months ago -

Iceweasel 75 has been announced for Parabola GNU/Linux-libre. Many of the patches has been applied, featuring the solution of the language packs (as seen on #2571 bug), and the relaxation of WebRTC privacy settings (just for allow the usage of Jitsi Meet).

Meanwhile, the i686 and armv7 builds are pending (specially, the i686 due to the quoted issues with Rust and LLVM).

PS: GNU IceCat may be updated to the testing branch (68.7.0 in Guix and Fedora repos) for Parabola repos due to the difficulties with Rust build requirements.


Icedove 68.6.0 has been finally upgraded their language packs - eliotime3000 - 3 months ago -

Since April 27th, Icedove has been upgraded their language packs, and they work flawlessly fine. The kaqchikel language pack is still not updated.

BREAKING NEWS: Firefox for i686 in Arch Linux 32 has been updated to the version 75 - eliotime3000 - 3 months ago -

Recently, The Arch Linux 32 website shows the update of Mozilla Firefox to the version 75 in the release branch for the i686 platform. In many cases, this may be reported into the maillist and/or IRC chatroom in Freenode.


Mozilla Firefox source code updated to the version 76 - eliotime3000 - 3 months ago -

Firefox has updated their source code to the version 76.

Many changes has been applied for developer tools, but the rest of news are a recount of previous versions to the actual one (76.0).

For more detailed information, please follow this link

PS: Please consider than actually, Parabola haves a problem with proppler and icu, which alongside rust are actually critical dependences that affects many of the forked applications and/or components of the distro. For more informationm you can read the folloing mails (here and here)


Thunderbird 68.8.0 is avariable. - eliotime3000 - 3 months ago -

Today, The Thunderbird team has updated the Thunderbird source code to the version 68.8.0.

The following fixes are:

  1. AccountManager (text fields were too small in some cases, autheintication method did not work in SMTP server).
  2. Messages were sometimes sent with a badly formed address when filled from the addressbook.
  3. Accessibility: Screen readers were reporting too many activities from the status bar.

For more detailed info, please follow this link


Iceweasel 76 in build process and Firefox source code updated to 76.0.1 - eliotime3000 - 3 months ago -

In may 7th, Grizzlyuser reported in the maillist that Iceweasel 76 is being built with clang instead of GCC. So far, the x86_64 doesn't have any type of build errors, while i686 and armv7h have problems in the building process.

Also, the first security update of Firefox 76 has arrived, which solves an error which involves the performance of some add-ons.

For more info, please follow this link and this one which are focused in the web rendering functions.