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[iceweasel] various issues related to branding

grizzlyuser - about 2 years ago - . Updated 3 months ago.

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Please see the detailed description in the attached file.


iceweasel_new_tab_freedom_issues.txt (1.96 KB) iceweasel_new_tab_freedom_issues.txt grizzlyuser, 2019-09-13 12:08 PM
Iceweasel_new_tab_68.0.2.png (51 KB) Iceweasel_new_tab_68.0.2.png grizzlyuser, 2019-09-13 12:14 PM
Iceweasel_new_tab_69.0.png (146 KB) Iceweasel_new_tab_69.0.png grizzlyuser, 2019-09-13 12:14 PM
about-iceweasel-windows.png (59.4 KB) about-iceweasel-windows.png "About Iceweasel" window in the Windows version eliotime3000, 2020-04-09 02:52 AM
iceweasel-addon-recommended.png (19.7 KB) iceweasel-addon-recommended.png bill-auger, 2020-05-14 07:42 PM



Updated by grizzlyuser about 2 years ago

Sorry for the description in the attachment. I tried to post just plain text, and put only links to the file, but spam filter didn't think it's OK.


Updated by grizzlyuser about 2 years ago

I found an older build of 68.0.2, which I packaged for myself with some new changes from Arch, and only DuckDuckGo logo is shown from the listed above. Please see attached screenshots for comparison.


Updated by bill-auger about 2 years ago

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im on it - the newtab page needs a complete replacement to restore the parabola branding (among other things)


Updated by bill-auger almost 2 years ago

update for v70

the "top sites" links in the attached screenshot are removed using the new 'newtab' branding - that has not been built into iceweasel yet; but IIRC as it is now, those links do disappear after the browser is used for a bit, and replaced with the users actually most visited sites

the advertisements are controlled by the "Recommended by Pocket" switch in the GUI "Home" preferences; which is enabled by default - it should be quite simple to make it disabled by default; but we should find a way to remove that feature entirely - im not sure if we need to remove the entire "pocket" feature - perhaps some people want that - but i doubt that the advertisements (aka: recommendations) on the newtab page are desirable by anyone

there is another branding issue i found on the preferences GUI - there is a button on the bottom-left "iceweasel support" that leads to mozilla - in icecat that button leads to libreplanet - there is also an analogous button "addons support" on the "addons" preferences GUI

i noticed one other thing with v70 that may not be possible to address - after signing into the sync services, one must grab an auth code that was sent via email - upon entering that code into the browser, one is redirected to a mozilla website , which asks to install some "app" from the google and apple "app-stores" - the sign-in process is complete at that point though; so maybe that target URL can be changed easily, im not wure


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  • Subject changed from [iceweasel] various freedom issues related to branding to [iceweasel] various issues related to branding

as reported against Iceweasel 70.0.1 - just to add another branding item to check:

Also, the "about" window is smaller than previous version (69.0),
which causes that Iceweasel name looks bigger than the rest of the interface.

Updated by bill-auger over 1 year ago

the default null text within the search entry text field on the "add-ons manager" settings page reads "search" - it posts to gnuzilla though


Updated by grizzlyuser over 1 year ago

It looks like the font glyphs used in Iceweasel logo are non-free. For example, inspect the file iceweasel-70.0/branding/iceweasel_logo.svg from [1].

There are references to Lucida Grande font, and according to # 3 and # 4 from the EULA [2], embedding to vector image formats, commercial products, and modifiable documents is not allowed. Please correct me if I'm wrong.



Updated by grizzlyuser over 1 year ago

Also please note that Hyperbola project noticed the issue with nonfree font in the logo earlier, see


Updated by eliotime3000 over 1 year ago

I found a forker that has been working into Iceweasel rebranding for Windows, and their "about" window really fits pretty well.

Also, there's their couple of files that haves their modifications.


Updated by pks40 over 1 year ago

Icedove is rebranded as "Parabola Icedove", but Iceweasel currently as "Mozilla Iceweasel". I think we should change this to "Parabola Iceweasel".


Updated by bill-auger over 1 year ago

pks40 -

which parts of the GUI do you see "mozilla"? - the only one that comes to mind is on the "about" modal


Updated by grizzlyuser over 1 year ago

What I noticed is when some langpack is installed, then the title bar of the main browser window says "Mozilla Iceweasel". That doesn't happen when no langpack is installed or when the built-in language "English (United States) is used.

Are there any occurrences of "Mozilla Iceweasel" you see in the UI?


Updated by pks40 over 1 year ago

bill-auger wrote:

which parts of the GUI do you see "mozilla"? - the only one that comes to mind is on the "about" modal

It was in the title bar using a language pack, as grizzlyuser pointed out. In the new version of the language packs, the vendor is apparently set to "Parabola GNU/Linux-libre", and thus the title bar now displays "Parabola GNU/Linux-libre Iceweasel". Thanks!

I personally would prefer a shorter version of the vendor name (in the end, it is called vendorShortName in branding.dtd), like maybe just "Parabola" as for Icedove (giving "Parabola Iceweasel" in the title bar), but that's more of a personal taste :)


Updated by bill-auger over 1 year ago

re: iceweasel-addon-recommended.png

i think we should change this text to something like: "This add-on meets the mozilla standards for security and performance"


Updated by bill-auger 6 months ago

this list really needs a review - probably, most of them have been fixed - i will add one more though

RE: IceWeasel private tab contains references to Mozilla VPN


Updated by bill-auger 3 months ago

while using a lang-pack, the taskbar icon is a white square

this is not obviously related to anything in the lang-pack itself, because it happens using the lang-pack downloaded from mozilla via the prefs GUI - so it is probably something missing from the branding package

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