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[iceweasel] various issues related to branding

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Please see the detailed description in the attached file.


iceweasel_new_tab_freedom_issues.txt (1.96 KB) iceweasel_new_tab_freedom_issues.txt grizzlyuser, 2019-09-13 12:08 PM
Iceweasel_new_tab_68.0.2.png (51 KB) Iceweasel_new_tab_68.0.2.png grizzlyuser, 2019-09-13 12:14 PM
Iceweasel_new_tab_69.0.png (146 KB) Iceweasel_new_tab_69.0.png grizzlyuser, 2019-09-13 12:14 PM



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Sorry for the description in the attachment. I tried to post just plain text, and put only links to the file, but spam filter didn't think it's OK.


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I found an older build of 68.0.2, which I packaged for myself with some new changes from Arch, and only DuckDuckGo logo is shown from the listed above. Please see attached screenshots for comparison.


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im on it - the newtab page needs a complete replacement to restore the parabola branding (among other things)


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update for v70

the "top sites" links in the attached screenshot are removed using the new 'newtab' branding - that has not been built into iceweasel yet; but IIRC as it is now, those links do disappear after the browser is used for a bit, and replaced with the users actually most visited sites

the advertisements are controlled by the "Recommended by Pocket" switch in the GUI "Home" preferences; which is enabled by default - it should be quite simple to make it disabled by default; but we should find a way to remove that feature entirely - im not sure if we need to remove the entire "pocket" feature - perhaps some people want that - but i doubt that the advertisements (aka: recommendations) on the newtab page are desirable by anyone

there is another branding issue i found on the preferences GUI - there is a button on the bottom-left "iceweasel support" that leads to mozilla - in icecat that button leads to libreplanet - there is also an analogous button "addons support" on the "addons" preferences GUI

i noticed one other thing with v70 that may not be possible to address - after signing into the sync services, one must grab an auth code that was sent via email - upon entering that code into the browser, one is redirected to a mozilla website , which asks to install some "app" from the google and apple "app-stores" - the sign-in process is complete at that point though; so maybe that target URL can be changed easily, im not wure


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  • Subject changed from [iceweasel] various freedom issues related to branding to [iceweasel] various issues related to branding

as reported against Iceweasel 70.0.1 - just to add another branding item to check:

Also, the "about" window is smaller than previous version (69.0),
which causes that Iceweasel name looks bigger than the rest of the interface.

Updated by bill-auger 3 days ago

the default null text within the search entry text field on the "add-ons manager" settings page reads "search" - it posts to gnuzilla though

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